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The ATC All-Terrain Cycle

The ATC All-Terrain Cycle


The ATC model is a four-wheel recumbent cycle, designed to efficiently travel both on pavement and off-road. To maximize its function as an all-terrain cycle it has large diameter wheels, optional high-flotation tires and an articulating frame to absorb the twists and bumps of rough terrain. The ATC is a very good winter vehicle, providing plenty of stability and traction in almost all conditions. The ATC can be configured as a purely foot-pedaled cycle, as a handcycle, or as a combined foot-and-hand-cranked cycle. It can accept power assist as desired. The recumbent seat configuration creates an ergonomic position that is both quite comfortable on-road and very capable off-road. It is highly adjustable for varying rider sizes and preferences.

The transmission uses standard mountain bike components for smooth operation, easy maintenance and good dependability. All wheels have disk brakes. All components are standard off-the-shelf bike components, and the cycle can be maintained by any bike shop.

NOTE: For simplicity and lower cost, we have not attempted to put full suspension on this model. The ATC is not a downhill racer, but rather a very capable and efficient cross-country machine. The standard 2.5″ tires handle almost all conditions. When custom-equipped with the oversize 4″ tires, it becomes a recumbent all-terrain quadracycle, with pneumatic suspension sufficient for even rocky terrain. At no point is it meant to be jumped at high speeds.

On the road, the large diameter wheels and padded recumbent seat provide a very smooth ride. Off-road, the speed of travel will depend upon surface conditions; the ATC is designed to be a "crawler" when conditions require. Though it may be developed in the future on a different model, we feel that not having active suspension (heavy, complicated and costly) has been no impediment to the utility and moderate-speed handling of this cycle.

Frame: Chromoly steel
Finish: Powdercoat; polyester, UV-resistant, baked-on
Number of Gears: 24 X 8
Gearing: 9 to 150 gear-inches (standard)
Shifters: SRAM X.7
Derailleurs: SRAM 7.0
Crankset: Truvativ Blaze 22/32/44
Bottom Bracket: Shimano LX
Brake Levers: Avid FR5
Brakes: Avid-BB7 Mechanical Disk, all wheel
Headset: Cane Creek Aheadset
Wheel rims: Alex DM-24
Wheel hubs: Shimano Deore
Tires: Kenda Kontact 2.25″
Weight: 79# (Basic, chromoly)
Rider Weight Capacity, Nominal: 300#
Wheelbase: 57″ (RR configuration) 64″ (Courier config.) 72″ (Transporter conf.)
Seat Height: 22.5″
Total Length: 84″ (RR)
Total Width: 42.4″

Added: 23.11.2012, Renewed: 04.06.2013

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